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Slate: Killing With Kindness: Can how-to videos about slaughtering animals ever go viral?

Between 2011 and 2013, Brandon Sheard and Andrew Plotsky made three instructional cooking videos titled, collectively, “On the Anatomy of Thrift.” In these videos, which have been viewed 144,000 times … Continue reading

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WNYC: The FDA’s Lack of Transparency About Faulty Drug Trials

Charles Seife discusses his latest article in Slate, “Are Your Medications Safe?: The FDA buries evidence of fraud in medical trials. My students and I dug it up.” When the … Continue reading

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The LoDown: The Lengths People Will Go To Preserve a Coffee Habit

Want to make a cup of coffee? Go online, Google it. Here’s what you’ll find:You buy the wrong coffee. Your pre-ground coffee is flavorless and contains dirt. You are grinding … Continue reading

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The LoDown: The Many Voices of Martin Short

Martin Short is affable, talented, and hilarious. We knew about his ability to embody other characters from his stint as Jiminy Glick, but we thought that those days were far … Continue reading

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WNYC: Marc Maron Probes the Dark Inner Lives of Comedians

Marc Maron talks about beginning his career as a standup comic in the mid 1990’s, then moving into radio, podcasting, and television. He’s hosted “Morning Sedition,” on Air-America, and “The … Continue reading

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WNYC: How to Be a Restaurant Reviewer

Pete Wells, New York Times restaurant critic, and Sam Sifton, the New York Times food editor and former restaurant reviewer, explain the art of reviewing restaurants for this week’s Please … Continue reading

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WNYC: Ever Wonder How the Hotel Astor Served their Virginia Ham in February, 1933? Wonder no more.

Miss Frank E. Buttolph’s mission in life was to collect menus. In 1899, she donated her collection to the New York Public Library, and collected more than 25,000 menus until … Continue reading

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WNYC: The Creepy World of ‘Welcome to Night Vale’

Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor talk about creating the podcast “Welcome to Night Vale,” along with narrator Cecil Baldwin. The show takes the form of fictional community updates for the … Continue reading

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Studio 360: Aladdin, Iago… and Owen

Shortly after Ron Suskind’s son Owen turned three, he stopped speaking. After many visits with many different doctors, Owen was diagnosed with regressive autism. Specialists told the family that Owen … Continue reading

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WNYC: Getting a PhD in the Humanities Could Wreck Your Life

Rebecca Schuman, education columnist for Slate and Market Crash Course columnist at The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Vitae hub, discusses grade inflation, issues between professors and students, tenure, the rise … Continue reading

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