Andres O'Hara-Plotnik


Studio 360: New Year’s Resolution: Move to the City, Start a Band

What is the creative project you want to tackle in 2014?

When we put out the call in December, we heard from hundreds of people eager to commit themselves to following through on their artistic plans. We’re following a few of them this year. Mike Doughty wants to write a musical based on the Book of Revelation. Adrienne Ognibene will create a series of paintings and charcoal drawings. And after 30 years out of the spotlight, Julie Bayley will write jokes for a stand-up set.

Gabriel Walker, who lives in Maysville, Kentucky, has played guitar for 40 years. But his music got sidelined by a career in sound design, producing other peoples’ music instead of performing his own. “I became fearful of taking the risk,” he tells Kurt Andersen.

Read more and listen to the story at Studio 360.


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