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Slate: Killing With Kindness: Can how-to videos about slaughtering animals ever go viral?

Between 2011 and 2013, Brandon Sheard and Andrew Plotsky made three instructional cooking videos titled, collectively, “On the Anatomy of Thrift.” In these videos, which have been viewed 144,000 times … Continue reading

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WNYC: The FDA’s Lack of Transparency About Faulty Drug Trials

Charles Seife discusses his latest article in Slate, “Are Your Medications Safe?: The FDA buries evidence of fraud in medical trials. My students and I dug it up.” When the … Continue reading

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The LoDown: The Lengths People Will Go To Preserve a Coffee Habit

Want to make a cup of coffee? Go online, Google it. Here’s what you’ll find:You buy the wrong coffee. Your pre-ground coffee is flavorless and contains dirt. You are grinding … Continue reading

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Hack Your Lunch Finale

Cathy Erway, author of The Art of Eating In and The Food of Taiwan, who created and runs the blog “Not Eating Out in New York” joins us for the finale … Continue reading

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What to Eat at Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit magazine has beautiful food photography, great writing and recipes, and an enviable test kitchen. So what does lunch look like for the writers and editors there? We spoke … Continue reading

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Can Packing a Lunch Change Your Life? We Tried to Find Out

Food Fridays is coming to a close. During our 6 week run this year, we decided to take up a cause: Lunch. We challenged our listeners to bring their lunch from … Continue reading

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How Five Lawyers In The Bronx Hacked Lunch For A Year

The Bronx Defenders is a legal aid organization that represents 35,000 people per year. Attorneys there work long hours, with uncertain schedules, high caseloads, and very little downtime, if any. When … Continue reading

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The Power of Lunching Together

Last week we talked to WNYC’s Data Analyst Lauren Morris, who rarely brings her lunch to work. She is constantly bogged down by long work hours and rushing around for her job. But … Continue reading

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Sad Desks Are Such Sweet Sorrow

In August of 2012, Kira Fisher started Sad Desk Lunch, a Tumblr photo collection of her noonday meal. The site caught on, and people soon began to submit their own sad desk lunches. … Continue reading

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Hack Your Lunch With the Pros

Our Hack Your Lunch Challenge is almost here! Starting Monday, June 22, we challenge you, our listeners, to bring your lunch from home every day for one week. But if you are … Continue reading

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When You Rarely Bring Your Lunch From Home, How Do You Start?

WNYC’s Data Analyst on Eating Fast, Debt Anxiety, and When The Best Laid Plan Meets a Subway Commute Lauren Morris, WNYC’s Data Analyst, is busy. She doesn’t eat breakfast, and … Continue reading

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A New York Times Food Editor’s Lunch Laments

New York Times food editor Sam Sifton thinks about food all day at work, but when he stopped by our studios for an interview this week, he admitted that he rarely brings his … Continue reading

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WNYC’s Hack Your Lunch Challenge

Food Fridays has begun, and this year, we have a cause: Lunch. It’s what many of us look forward to from the minute we wake up in the morning. So why … Continue reading

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